Why a Blender is Better Than a Juicer

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A blender is a time honored kitchen appliance, but the fact of the matter is that it is slowly falling out of favor and the reason behind this is that there are appliances such as juicers that people are starting to prefer. Most of the time when you use a blender you would be utilizing it to break a fruit or vegetable down into a juice of some kind. Juicers are specially designed for this sort of thing and they can help create drinks that are much smoother and wouldn’t have any of the textural bits that blenders would leave behind.

However, while it is certainly true that juicers can be useful in their own way, it is important to note that blenders are in a different league entirely. Firstly, the smoothies you make with a blender are generally much healthier. This is because of the fact that the fiber in the fruits and vegetables wouldn’t be entirely broken down. This means that you would still get the nutritional value that fiber can provide, and since this is an essential nutrient you are doing yourself a disservice by not having it. Juicers make the juice so fine that there is absolutely no fiber in it for your body to utilize.

The smoothies created by blenders might seem a little chunky, but this can provide textural contrast that would make your drinks even more exciting than they might have seemed otherwise. Checking out this link www.alicecooperstown.com/vitamix-e320-explorian-blender-reviews/ can help you zero in on what is perhaps the best blender on the market. You should try different models to see what works best but this blender is a thing of beauty and you should try it out.