Where Do Private Detectives Make The Most Money?

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Finding success as a private investigator is something that can be influenced by a wide range of factors, and you would do well to wrap your head around all or at the very least most of these factors at this current point in time. One factor that you might already know about would be your success rate, but something that you potentially don’t presently understand the significance of would be where you decide to set up shop as well as the clients that you advertise your services to.

The amount of income that you can rely on as a PI can change based on where you live without a shadow of a doubt. For example, private investigators that are working in California earn well over $68,000 per year, and when you take into account the national average of $57,000 you can see why so many PIs are heading over to the sunshine state to start up their practices. Firms like CatalystPI are also well known for paying the highest salaries to their PIs, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should apply to them if you want to secure the highest possible income that such a field can send in your general direction.

One problem with trying to live and work in California is that it is a really expensive state, so going to Utah might be an even better option for you due to the reason that the average PI income there is still over 65,000 dollars a year and the cost of living is a great deal lower than what you would have had to settle for in California.