What Pressure For Pressure Washing Gum Off Sidewalk

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There are many that view chewing gum to be a downright offense to humanity, but suffice it to say that it is a perfectly legal product and anyone that purchases it should be given the chance to enjoy it without getting unnecessarily harassed. However, one thing that can definitely be quite rude about gum chewers is that they often spit the gum out onto the sidewalk where it will eventually dry out and become harder than concrete at the end of the day.

Chewing gum all across city sidewalks can do a lot to reduce the perceived quality of life that people can enjoy in these urban locales, so it makes sense that that so many municipal authorities would prioritize cleaning these bits of hardened gum whenever they can. The best way to remove gum from a sidewalk is pressure washing Katy TX, but you also need to understand what the right pressure setting is as well. Since you are aiming your pressure gun at a sidewalk which is usually quite sturdy, there is nothing stopping you from taking the pressure all the way to the max and further concentrating it with the red nozzle since it gives a zero degree spray that is basically just a targeted jet.

This will annihilate the chewing gum, breaking it into so many pieces that it will quite quickly flow right back into the gutters. This is an important thing for cities to do, because people will never stop being selfish and disposing of their chewing gum in places where it will be a bother to others. Making it illegal is just not an option, so washing it is the only option.

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