What is CRB Carpet Cleaning?

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If you really want to take your carpet cleaning to a whole new level, you need to expand the process beyond simple wet extraction and incorporate other elements such as pretreating as well as the CRB method. Now, unless you are the sort of person that has worked in the field of carpet cleaning for several years, you might need us to expand on some the terms that we have just mentioned without a shadow of a doubt. The most confusing term that we have used so far is CRB, and as a result of the fact that this is the case we are going to expand on it to alleviate the disorientation that you are experiencing at this current point in time.

CRB basically stands for contra rotating brush, and it can be a useful tool to add to your carpet steam cleaning process. Suffice it to say that the contrary motion of the rotating brushes can agitate the spray that you are using to pretreat the carpet fibers and extract a lot more out of them. What’s more is that this will push the spray deeper which can allow it to collect more dirt when you finally turn to the hot water extraction portion of the method.

Everyone needs to start using CRB because of how immensely effective it can be. Not only will this give them the chance to make the most of a technique that is making waves in the world, it will also enable them to clean their carpets in a way that would shock them. Your carpet would look almost unrecognizable once you start using this method and that is something that you should really appreciate.