Steps to Enhance Your Internet Privacy

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While the internet can help us with many different things (check out some cool things published here), its irresponsible usage can put our privacy at risk. Marketing agencies, hackers and other shady characters are always looking for our data to exploit us.

However, this thing isn’t out of out hands yet, as your privacy is still in your own hands. Herr are some steps that you can take to enhance your privacy online.

Control The Information on Your Social Accounts

If you happen to have social media accounts, odds are that you’ve already leaked most of your private information online. By default, anything we share on these platforms is visible to everybody using that platform. So, you start making your privacy better by changing the settings on these social accounts and deciding who can have access to your information.

The settings are slightly different on every social media platform, but you’ll be able to easily find the settings by looking around for a while.

Public Storages Are a Big No

Sharing too much of your personal data online isn’t the problem of only the social media platforms. But you can also put your data in risk by storing it on public Storages that care meant to share files with other people. For example, dropbox and google docs aren’t the ideal places where you’d like to store your personal data.

So, avoid storing your data on platforms that are meant to share the files.

Avoid Getting Tracked

When we use browsers, they share everything that we visit with the marketers. Then the marketers use that data to target us with personalized ads.

You don’t want to be a culprit of this thing, right? Well, you can use various security services to protect your personal data, and to prevent it from getting shared with the marketers. And no, the incognito mode on your browser can’t keep your data safe.