Legal Representation For Personal Injury Claims

personal injury lawyer

If you’re looking to file a personal injury claim and get compensated well for an injury, then remember that this process isn’t easy. Insurance companies always try their level best to deny any personal injury claims they receive. And so, you have to get proper legal representation in order to increase your chances of winning.

Let’s be straightforward, hiring good personal injury attorneys in Peru, Illinois is your best bet in any such case. However, if you’ve made up your mind to represent yourself in the claim, here are some of the major challenges you might have to face.

Can You Even Represent Yourself?

As per law, you can defend your claim by yourself if you fail to get proper legal representation from someone else. However, you’ll still need to abide by all the set legal procedures in the claim.

Pre Action Protocols allow both parties to make a fair settlement and end the claim before heading into the courtroom, and you must go through this process before requesting for a hearing with the court.

  • Before filing the claim, you are required to send an explanation to other party to explain the while accident and let them why they’re at fault.
  • In reply to your claim notification form, a representative (an insurance company) would then reply you and would either accept or deny your claim. In either cases, they’ll ask you for further evidence to prove your stance. You can also mention all the costs you’ve gone through due to that accident (so far).
  • After the first 2 steps, you’ll need to add the reports by independent experts (doctors, engineers etc) that conform your loss. This definitely comes with a cost.
  • You’ll also have to send the full claim value to other party.
  • After all these steps, if both parties still can’t reach any conclusion, they can take the claim to the court and face a trail. Remember that if you end up losing, you might have to pay for the legal costs of the opposing party.