Different Types of Vintage Signs You Can Invest In

vintage wooden signs for sale

The overall demand and popularity of vintage signs has skyrocketed lately as people have started living the nostalgic feeling of the past. These signs are so valuable because they are decades old, and they can make you remember your past anytime you want to dive into in and revisit some of the memories of the good old days.

However, you must know about the different types of these vintage signs if you want to invest in them. Here are some of the different types of vintage signs you can invest in as an Antique Sign Collector.

Beer Related Signs

These signs are for true beer lovers who lived to visit pubs and other shops offering beer. This type of vintage signs were actually used to advertise beers and related stuff. This also includes beer bottle caps.

There are some beer signs which are valued at thousands, but you can buy a decent one without spending much money. Once you buy them, you’ll have to take good care of them if you plan on getting a good return on them in the long run.

There are different types of materials to choose from as well, like porcelain, Tin etc when you’re buying these signs.

Petroleum Related Signs

These signs were actually used on petrol pumps and petroleum companies. You can use these signs in your man cave, or in an alive living room made to be used frequently.

Soda Related Signs

Undoubtedly, the Coca-Cola related vintage signs are the most popular amongst all the different vintage signs related to soda. Moreover, there are many other soda related signs available in the market which you can consider buying.

These were some of the popular types of vintage signs. You can browse from these categories whenever you’re looking to buy signs.