Benjamin Franklin’s 8 Tips to Great Productivity

There is no denying that we all remember Benjamin Franklin as one of the founding fathers of America. However, he was known for far more than just that. He was the inventor of the lightning rod, as well as a discoverer in many amazing fields of studies including physics. He was known as an amazing author, and someone who had great knowledge about music composition, and he even played the violin, which happens to be one of the most technical instruments that a man can play.

Now the question here is just how did he manage to achieve so much, especially when you compare him to some of the people from the same era, or some of the contemporaries? Well, the good thing is that the answers to that pressing question are all found in his diary, and it just happens to be a simple schedule.

Below, you will find his tips to great productivity. It does not matter which professional walk of life you belong to, these are going to be extremely helpful to you.

#1 Simplicity is The Key

The best thing that you could do to yourself and to your work is being simple. You are a human after all, and there is no need to achieve super-human tasks on a daily basis. Sure, times have changed, and so has the workload, but if you remain simple and stern, you can achieve anything you may want to achieve.

#2 Sleep And Wake Up at The Same Time

Sleeping and waking up can tell a lot about a person. Most of us have sleeping habits that are absolutely haywire with no semblance of time or space. However, sleeping and waking up on the same time is incredibly important because that way, your body gets used to the fact that it needs resting, and you do feel properly rested when you wake up.

#3 Quiet Time Matters

There is nothing wrong with being quiet for a while, all by yourself. It is just something that is there in every human. You should definitely do that as it gives you time to think and work on some ideas.

#4 Planning For The Day

Tell yourself what you are going to do the same day after you wake up. Whether it is during those 15 extra minutes in bed, or while you are getting ready.

#5 Learn

Learning is a process that never really stops. In order to make the most of the situation at hand, do give time to learning as well.

#6 Organize After Work

Being disorganized and messy during work is normal. However, the right thing to do is to put things the way they were before. Why? So that the next time you start working, you do not have to worry about it.

#7 Give Yourself a Break

Once you are done finishing your day’s work, give yourself some break. Listen to music, watch something, or talk to your friends.

#8 Look Back

Do look back at how you have done things in a day, but just make never to regret how you could have done something better.