All You Need to Know About Drum Wraps

sparkle drum wrap

Drum wraps allow the drummers to customize their drums according to their own needs and tastes. Finding the right type of wrap that’ll easily fit your drum is very important when looking for new drum wraps. If you have more than one drums, you can buy wrapping in bulk from businesses like Rockskins Drum Shell Wraps to retain high quality while also saving costs.

Here are the right steps to follow in order to install a drum wrap on your drum.

Cutting The Wrap in Right Size

First of all, you’ll have to measure your drum size, and then cut the drum wrap according to the size of your drum. Moreover, larger drums might need two or more pieces of wrap in order to be covered properly.

You have to cut the wrap to fit your drum perfectly. After this, you have to proceed towards the installation process.

Installing The Wrap on Your Drum

Before installing the wrap, you’ll have to test fit it first. If you’re concerned about the position of the seam, you should keep it under the lug or strainer depending on the type of drum you have. You should also overlap the wrap around an inch or so in order to keep it tightly fit in place.

If you want to properly install the drum wrap in place where it won’t go anywhere, you should use a sandpaper to rough up the surface of the shell, and back of the wrap as well.

Contact Cement

You can use a paintbrush to apply the contact cement on the back of the drum wrap, and the shell of your drum as well as the overlap. You should use a minimum of two coats to help the wrap adhere to the drum properly.