A Roaming Review: Oregon Electric Station

seafood resturants

So for any person who knows me well, they know just how much I love to eat seafood. I specially love having a good salmon dish and double points to you if it is fresh. So this is the story about how I came across my favorite seafood restaurant Eugene side has to offer, maybe even the best seafood restaurant in all of Oregon.

So I was in the Emerald city; Eugene, Oregon and I wanted to check the place out a bit since I had never been there before. The art scene is pretty good here with a lot of people making different sorts of art and displaying it around the city. It is also a great place to be if you like being around nature. Surrounded by scenic beauty, you can go for a walk or a jog pretty easily and just enjoy the things around you. However the most enjoyable thing that you can end up doing here is going to the Oregon Electric Station.

The Oregon Electric Station is a train themed restaurant, which also serves as a historical landmark in this city. It is not just train themed but it also has a great added gimmick, which is the fact that they also have antique train cars there that you can dine inside of. We had a small party and were able to book one of the train cars for ourselves.

This is when I ordered the salmon. It came out amazingly. Aside from the buttered salmon itself which would just break apart to form bites, the additions on the sides were phenomenal as well. The honey glazed baby carrots added a lot to each bite and perfectly complemented the dish, as did the turnips and the pea puree.